M-cakes moved to Prague in the Czech Republic... Orders are still possible, but currently just within the Prague...

If you like cakes or you want to know more about M-cakes, you are at the right place! :-) To introduce you our project: M-cakes came into existence as a part of my study of Economics, Management and Consumer studies. All the theories and practices taught in a plenty of courses are applied in one project: “M-cakes”.  

M-cakes are made from quality ingredients, (sometimes also with BIO-quality), home-made and last, but not least just a short time before actual selling. So the quality of freshness is guaranteed as well.

Besides the orders, which are mostly delivered on Wednesday at noon in Wageningen (between the Forum and Radix building), you can have also possibilities to buy the cakes on Wednesdays without previous orders.

Another possibility is also having an order in different time and place in Wageningen (all kind of parties like birthday, graduation ceremony, wedding… Just write me an e-mail and we can discuss the details.

The next selling is announced in the “News” category. All available products you can see in “Products” category.

For further questions and comments you can use our guestbook or send me an e-mail. You can write me in English, Dutch, German, Czech or Slovak :)

Thank you very much for the visit here, or in de shop in front of the university!

Have a nice day!



Last selling in Wageningen: FRIDAY 4.3.2011

04/03/2011 12:00
- 13:00 between Forum and Radix. You can be looking forward to cheese-cake, different kinds of muffins and more! :-)



24/02/2011 12:07
Everybody, who has the member card can get on FRIDAY 4.3.2011 from 12:00-13:00 so many cakes for free, how many signatures she/he has on the member-card! (Signature from me, of course :-) ) So do not forget your M-cakes member-card for the last selling of M-cakes in Wageningen!!!